Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New Interest : Jahit Manik

Currently I’m having a new interest which I do not know where does it come from. It is really complicated to say..but not the same as complicated relationship status that facebook had on the info. Maybe it is a new attraction toward my “free time”…

Menjahit manik or Google translate said it as “sewing beads”. Don’t know weather it right or wrong since my English is not so good Google translate always help me...but it is not the case that I’m writing everything in Malay and put it in the box then ask Google “dear Google please translate this article for me”… you know batter how Google translate work. Done with Google Translate!!

I just start my first step on sewing beads past few days. Can I say it...perfect!! My housemate will never bless that word for me..maybe the suitable word is…so..so or not bad. Sorry the picture would not be uploaded to preserve the originality :P

Just before this I was admire with flower and plan to ‘mengubah bunga’ or Google translate said as “change interest” good job Google!! You made it..but the cost is quit expensive so, I change my mind..Those are the pictures that I plan to try soon…pray hard form me (^_^)v



  1. tahniah2=)

    boleh buat part time job ni

  2. hehe i'allah 1 fine day
    sekarang masih xkemas lagi jahitan
    perlu bantuan google untuk
    buat teknik2 yang betul