Thursday, May 26, 2016

Marriage Quote

Terbaca status seorang senior uni dahulu. Sebuah lagu dedikasi untuk isterinya sempena ulang tahun perkahwinan keempat. Look small but I tell you, his wife going to keep the smile the entire week. hehe. Indahnye sebuah rumah tangga. Tapi jangan tersalah paham,indanya itu bukan pada puitisnye kata-kata. Bukan pada cinta suami atau kasih sayang isteri. Tapi pada ikhlasnye kite memberi dan berkhidmat pada satu sama lain.

I think marriage is something difficult to be described. And for me, the hardest chapter in marriage is communication. I love writing more than talking when it comes to feeling and emotion. Also because me myself don't really understand what I always have in my mind. Still need to learn a lot. Too much defect to be repaired in me. Of course not a perfect wife neither a lover.

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