Thursday, September 15, 2011

5 KM/H Difference

Would this change your mind about speeding? For me, it is!! I watch this video, 1st time during Balik Kampung Campaign conducted by HSE department. It did change my mind when I see on my naked eyes the effect, when accident happens. From there, I promised myself to slow down my speed. Previously just after I get my license, I drove WRM to my hometown with speed of 130-140km/h in heavy raining. Kak Raihan was the witness. Mybe for some of you, it is normal. Nothing weird. It just 130km/h. But!! for me, at that time I know it was very dangerous!! but then, thinking nothing will happen I just ignore it. As long as I could reach my hometown as soon as possible, nothing will stop me. Alhamdulillah, I am still alive until today. Allah safe me. Belum cukup amalan dan banyak dosa mungkin..

..By the way, Selamat memandu sempena ziarah raya dan kenduri kendara..Pandu cermat jiwa selamat..if YOU are speeding YOU are not just killing yourself but also people in your car ..stop SPEEDING and stop being a KILLER!!


  1. Jemput la ziarah rumah akk~ kesepian disini -.-

  2. Saye pantang diajak, i'allah sampai..
    cume kene google map g umah akk dlu..