Friday, October 7, 2011

Hudud: What say you?

Finally it’s Friday!! Alhamdulillah, still alive until know. I’m going home this evening, I’allah (^_^)v ..Ibu Along balik ni!! Can’t wait for your Laksa tomorrow..yum..yum..yum

Owh, below is an article about niqab that I copy paste from my mail box. It’s an old mail,but I just read it this morning. There are hundreds of unread mails in my mail box. Anyone would like to help?? 0/0/0/ No thanks, I’ll do it on my own.:P

This post, I write it on my own, entitle as above. HUDUD & QISAS!! What say you? I say, em…nooo..em..yesss..or perhaps, should I say…OF COURSE!! Why shouldn’t we??!!

“Cannot ma..we would lose so many hand. Who gonna work for our country after this? We cannot drive with one hand, it dangerous. After all, what should we do with the hands, even 1 sen people wouldn't buy”

“Wah, everyone in your country is a thief?! No wander your country is poor enough and dept all around. Even the Scorpene submarine don’t want to float..ish..ish..ish..Hopefully.. at least ,your Prime Minister’s hand remains safe after HUDUD is implemented. Or he might want to change his nationality to safe his hand.


  1. Kalau nak laksanakan hudud, laksanakan lah. jangan sekadar berjanji. Janganlah masing-masing nak tunjuk hero, konon parti itu parti ini, perjuangan itu perjuangan ini tapi hasilnya? Wallahua'lam.


    This link might help to increase our understanding